A Few Thoughts on The Social Network

Out of all the films I have watched for this project The Social Network was the one that I thought I would care the least about. I don’t care about social media that much and find Twitter much more fascinating than Facebook. However, this is a tense story about ego, legalities, creativity, and, most importantly, money (like a lot of it) behind the creation of a website that, despite my somewhat indifference which actually isn’t that much, essentially changed the world forever. David Fincher has a knack for making films about guys that want to topple the norms and systems such as what he did for Fight Club, and that’s what he brought to The Social Network making web design and computer hacking and marketing look sexy and dangerous. Yes, it is portrayed as a bit of a man’s world unfortunately, not shying away from displays of toxic masculinity. Still, I enjoyed this different type of masculine fantasy despite being not so myself, in fact I should probably be at least a little offended by the exhibitionist portrayal of women, saying that it is not the only film that I like that does this. Even though I enjoyed this film, I still do not give much of a care about social media possibilities or futurism in general compared to before watching this film.



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Pop-culturalist historian. You can also find me on YouTube as jasonnebulaar where I’ll be uploading hopefully regularly.